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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see these commonly asked questions and quick answers. However, all solutions must be tailored to your specific needs so please call us at 404-998-9291 to set up a consultation.

The investment for plumbing repairs can vary greatly depending on the issue and how we can physically access the pipes or fixtures. We have a $65 service fee that includes sending out a qualified technician in a fully stocked truck to assess your issue and quote the work. The $65 will then go toward the cost of the repair.

There are so many options for hot water nowadays that it can be confusing when researching your options. Several factors that will play into your decision are:

-The number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home

-The energy source for heating your water (natural gas or electric)

-Where the water heater is located and the accessibility to do maintenance on it if needed

-The length of the warranty on not only the heater and its parts but the labor through the company who installs the heater

We take pride in our complete ownership of your water heater installation. If for any reason you experience defective material on a heater we provide, or if an issue arises that is a result of our install we guarantee to fix it free of charge.

Over the years we have built a reputation in Atlanta for having the best service and follow up for our customers. Our goal is to impress customers so much that they will tell their friends about us! Therefore we offer the best plumbing repair warranties in the industry. Some of these are listed below:

-2 year warranty on garbage disposal leaks

-Up to a 10 year warranty on tank water heaters

-Lifetime to the homeowner for water service replacements

-Lifetime to the homeowner for sewer replacements

Please call us at 404-998-9291 to find out more!

If you think you have a clog, stop letting any water go down the drain immediately. Your home can flood if water continues to fill the drain. Often if you have a sewer backup, you will hear a bubbling noise from a toilet on the main floor of the home. This is because the drain pipes are slowly filling with water and the air inside needs to escape. If you think you have an issue, call us at 404-998-9291 and we will discuss it with you!

Yes. Our job is to inspect your home just as a doctor inspects your vital signs during a checkup. We love plumbing and we want to give you all pertinent information about any systems that may need maintenance so that you can decide how to get the best value for your dollar. We all take it for granted when plumbing systems are running smoothly but there may be signs of issues in your crawl space, mechanical room, under the sink, or just about anywhere throughout your home.

We also provide sewer inspections that will show you any problems with your sewer line with a color video. These can be especially useful when purchasing a new home!

Please call us at 404-998-9291 to schedule an inspection today!

If you see standing water in your yard or home, or hear a funny noise when you run the water, you may need our expertise! Feel free to give us a call at 404-998-9291 and we will tell you if a visit is necessary. If your issue isn’t for a plumber, we will get you to someone who can help!

Plumbers are licensed to work on all potable waterlines for human consumption. We also work on drain lines that carry the water away from your home and lines for natural gas. Give us a call today at 404-998-9291 to learn more!

We know your time is valuable and we pride ourselves in fixing things properly and efficiently! By carrying a fully stocked truck and operating with speed and accuracy we can get you up and running quickly.